Dear friends and fans of the European Bug In.

 Despite all these difficult months where our aircooled passion and its regulary meetings were cancelled, we really tought we could organize a EUROPEAN BUG IN #9 in 2021 …
Our preparations and logistics normally start 12 to 10 months before the chosen date. And now we must see that as of today, we cannot work with a safe prevision because of this sanitary crisis and the worldwide vaccination that will take most of the next year will not favorise international travels.
Having lived 2020 with all these shocks of sanitary problems, the data that we have to our disposal are insufficient to make the decision to organize the European bug in as we like it,
with enough quality, fun and a nice nostalgia atmosphere – the reasons why you would like to come to our event. 

In agreement with the circuit de Chimay, we have decided to postpone our European bug in #9 to


1/2/3 july 2022

We really would like to thank your massive support of participants and sponsors and we really would like to see you all in 2022 !