the Program of the First European Bug-In is a contemporary copy of the Original Bug-in's from back in the old days. so it consists of a series of activities that await participants from all over Europe! this promisses to be a Legendary show just like the originals were across the Atlantic... Be there with us... be there or be a "square"!
1/4 mile DRAGSTRIP ACTION : Just like back then the Quartermile Drag racing is the major activity during the whole weekend. the CIR track will be open from Friday to give Dragracers some setup time and get their machienes ready for the real racing over the weekend!
SLALOM : This part of the show will allow Slalom Lovers to exercise their bugs on a typical slalom track showing off the ability of the volkswagens to go around corners too, bring out your fat 14" wheels and go for a spin!

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